TRS Ltd is also a leading, established, nationwide, engineering inspection company performing statutory safety inspections, thorough examinations and Health and Safety inspections. These inspections comply with LOLER Health and safety legislation and insurance requirements. Contact TRS Ltd today for more information or to make a booking.

In the main, LOLER replaced existing legal requirements relating to the use of lifting equipment, for example the Construction (Lifting Operations) Regulations 1961, the Docks Regulations 1988 and the Lifting Plant and Equipment (Records of Test and Examination etc) Regulations 1992. Many aspects of LOLER should therefore be familiar to you. The Regulations aim to reduce risks to people’s health and safety from lifting equipment provided for use at work.

You need to ensure that in using any lifting equipment the requirements of LOLER are met. For example, you should ensure that all lifting equipment is:

  • sufficiently strong, stable and suitable for the proposed use. Similarly, the load and anything attached (eg timber pallets, lifting points) must be suitable;
  • positioned or installed to prevent the risk of injury, eg from the equipment or the load falling or striking people;
  • visibly marked with any appropriate information to be taken into account for its safe use, eg safe working loads. Accessories, eg slings, clamps etc, should be similarly marked.

Download the LOLER Health & Safety Leaflet